Friday, October 10, 2008

Because Americans Don't Have Enough Maps!

Greyhawk Grognard has posted this article about another article on another blog about maps. The original article can be found here.The blog can be found here (Making Maps: DIY Cartography). It is really amazing the range of uses for maps that it shows.

And GG is right, the article he cites has a lot of applications to gaming, but also so does the whole site. I think I might track down that book that he mentioned if possible. Why am I just restating what he put here you ask? The Hydra's Grotto is a blog, but it is also an idea library and workspace. Also I have a huge love of cartography. In fact on numerous occasions I have paraphrased Dennis Leary when I have said "D&D doesn't lead to devil worship! It leads to cartography!" Indeed, people* comment on my ability to draw really coherent maps when I draw them for non-gaming use. I do not think I would have this skill (among others) if I did not play D&D.

*mainly my wife, but some others too.

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