Monday, December 1, 2008

Currently Dreaming the Dream of the Black Lotus

I have not posted for a while as I am away with other things. I still have a slew of ideas to share and as my black lotus dream continues I gain more. But I have been working a bit here and there on Codex which has a new name, and hashing out some fiction that as life would have it right now may never see the light of day.

Since I have entered my dream state, many things have passed in this world. Many of them political. Since such petty politics are below those of us who plumb the dreamlands for deeper mysteries in our lotus inspired sleep you will not see my opinion on this blog nor in your comments with a name that links to this blog. Though I may clearly agree or greatly disagree my opinion (on many things) is my own and I will not share. Also, in the end, politics is bad for business.

Nor will you hear about my personal life. Again me complaining about how my life sucked today or yesterday or how I think something is neat is not good for business. You will only get madness and dreams particular to fiction and gaming.

Till I post again with further madness...

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