Sunday, December 28, 2008

More about my 4e Character

Overall I like 4e. It is a fun game and allows for the options I want in a way. It has a lot of what I look for in a system but my only problem with it is that it is largely driven by component. It's like the dev team is a buch of guys in a box trying to dream up new rule legos.

Many have said it feels like a video game. I agree in spirit, but I disagree about the video game it feels like. Many think this:

I think this:Link

Movement is a big part of 4e, almost in the same way that it is a big part of Dragonslair. And that was what inspired me to base my first character on Dirk the Daring as I stated here.

But something weird happened as I played him. He looks like this guy:

But given the history and the mercenary attitude I gave him he feels and acts more like this guy:

So I have decided to roll with it and combine them. After all, cool + cool = 2cool right? I think the following picture best represents my 4e character:

Dirk is turning out to be one dangerous dude.

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