Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Need Help Finding an Alternate Raise Dead/Resurrection Table I lost track of

A while ago- It must have been in the days of WFRP2 and Heroes of Horror- I found a really cool resurrection/raise dead chart that allowed for weirdness around said spells. That is it made them way more interesting. The gist was these spells could go wrong. I thought that the chart was the resurrection mishap table in Heroes of Horror, but now that I have had a good look a it I realise I must have been reading something else! One distinct feature that I remember about the chart was that it for sure had the entry where a completely different soul is returned to the new body. Another was that the guy was back yes, but he did not get to stay. Sort of a "the crow"scenario- what he is working on is important enough to allow him more life but when its done so is he.

Anyone remeber this thing?

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Anonymous said...

I remember one table on a blog about energy draining. It worked out to either an extra side-effect of too much energy draining, or an alternative to losing levels when energy-drained.

You could easily adapt that table to resurrections.

I don't remember from where, though. :/ Doesn't help much!

But if you reconstructed it yourself, I'd suggest going about it like this:

Rarest result: permanent death
Rare Results: minor beneficial (can see dead people from now on) and severe detrimental (ability score loss, aging, attract undead more often as random encounters and attacked by them more often in preference to others)
Uncommon Results: minor detrimental (fatigued for days after, permanent phobia of undead, permanently lowered body temp)
Common Results: cosmetic (hundred-yard stare, chalk white hair, lost sense of taste or smell, animals complain about being near you)

That, plus your ideas, should be able to fill out a table with maybe 20 entries. I'd suggest a percentage roll, +5% per time you've been resurrected, with the permanent death appearing at a roll of 110%+. That way a PC doesn't need to worry about losing a character until the third death.