Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ultimate Tomb of Horrors

I like when stuff happens by accident. Over at Dragonsfoot there has been the discussion of false tombs of Acererak to go with the Tomb of Horrors. This has led Dragonsfoot to publish not one, but two false tombs in the last couple of months or so. They can be found here and here. But what is interesting is that as this happens, we also see Michael Curtis speculating about this. So there you go: Tomb of Horrors as a heist, but with two (or more) false tombs that you need to go through to find the real one... The idea of running as a whole campaign is pretty cool. And the false tombs make it even cooler. You don't do the heist once, you do it three times! Though the flaw in it all is that by the time you get to the real tomb, if you get there, you will be able to mop the floor with the demi-lich. Still it is one of the coolest accidental confluences of ideas I have ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

I was a little dismayed at first since I chose to make an Acererak homage. When it rains it pours!

Although, I shall bravely map on. My dungeoncrawl's difference is I am continuing the rumoured Halls of Acererak mentioned that he hid away before going into his Tomb.

It's kind of a backwards reconstruction of what the Lich did before "closing up shop".